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Zepo helps you set up, run and monitor phishing tests in just minutes. With analytics and specialised learning programs, we help you understand where the gaps are in your cybersecurity awareness training.

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Stop Cybersecurity threats like Phishing

Catch Phishing Before It Costs You.

Protect your business from financial, operational and reputational risk by testing your team’s vulnerability to phishing, smishing and vishing attacks with Cybersecurity Awareness Training. 

Zepo provides you with cybersecurity awareness tools to run customized and automated email, sms and social campaigns that clone popular cloud services like: 

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How Zepo Cybersecurity Awareness Works.

Register Employees
Upload your team list to our platform manually or by CSV.
Launch attacks
Our whitelisted domains ensure that every phishing mail is successfully delivered to every box.
Train your Team
Based on each employee’s performance send relevant cybersecurity awareness learning content
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Set It and Forget It.

Our automation tools improve your understanding of how your employees are responding to cyber attacks with very little effort.

Schedule phishing simulations based on seasons like tax season or shopping holidays, when your business is more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

Get notified automatically to see how many people opened your emails, clicked on links, compromised their credentials or reported suspicious emails.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Automation
Customized Cybersecurity Awareness Training

The Right Way to Attack.

Customize your phishing campaigns based on the cloud apps used by your company and your team members’ roles within the company.

Don’t want to brainstorm phishing campaigns from scratch? Then choose from our library of ready-to-use campaign templates based on the top Saas apps.

Zepo empowers you to add more variety to your cybersecurity awareness training to keep your employees on their toes.

Fail Fast. Learn Faster.

Bring your employees up to speed on how to avoid phishing scams with our growing library of interactive media and rapid-fire lessons.

While most cybersecurity awareness videos can be confusing and full of technical jargon our content features relatable characters delivering cybersecurity topics in plain language that anyone can understand.

Team members are also able to engage with our chatbot to stay connected to the latest phishing threats and the cybersecurity awareness training to combat them.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Employees

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