Decoding the Hacker's mind

Step inside the mind of an ethical hacker and acquire skills to identify weaknesses in your company.

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Cyberattacks cannot be entirely avoided. So, what is the next step?

Ransomware attacks on small businesses soared by 92% in 2020, while social engineering frauds like Phishing Accounted for 36% of All Data Breaches in 2021 (Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report).

You can’t prevent cyber threats but arming yourself with knowledge and tools can minimize their impact on you and your business.

Are you ready to join the fight against cybercrime?

To enhance your cybersecurity knowledge, we have crafted

Inside the Hacker's Mind

Explore 'Inside the Hacker's Mind,' a podcast featuring interviews with cybersecurity experts. They break down the fundamentals of cybersecurity in plain language and offer practical advice on surviving cyberattacks.

We delve into the taboo surrounding cyber incidents, with companies from across Spain sharing their firsthand experiences. Do you know what happens when you become the target of a cybercriminal?

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