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Zepo is is a simple yet powerful cybersecurity tool, designed to run simulated phishing attacks to test the susceptibility of your employees to cyber attacks.

By providing a safe and controlled environment for employees to practice detecting and responding to phishing attempts, you can improve their cybersecurity awareness and build a stronger, more secure defense against real attacks.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training registration

Super Simple Setup

With Zepo, you don’t need a team of IT professionals to start running phishing campaigns. 

Zepo’s automated infrastructure is robust and  completely hosted in the cloud, so you don’t need to worry about setting up domains and meeting service provider whitelisting requirements.

Create Custom Campaigns

Run phishing campaigns with enough content to look realistic. Send email blasts to the entire company and third party vendors with no security concerns.

Zepo’s cybersecurity tool makes it possible to scale up your campaigns quickly when needed, while still keeping costs low.

Launch Cybersecurity Simulations
ZEPO, the simplest cybersecurity tool

Run. Measure. Improve.

Get an easy way to monitor the results of each campaign so that you can track overall effectiveness. Assign the right training for each team member and adjust your strategy for your next campaign.

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