How do I include Zepo IP in the whitelist of my company?

How to setup your whitelist? Table of Contents Why should I include Zepo in my whitelist? Zepo is a platform that allows you to simulate phishing attacks. Cybercriminals can bypass your spam filter to exploit your mail server, but Zepo cannot do it. Therefore, you need to configure your mail server to ensure your campaign […]

How to Import Users with a CSV File

Importing Users with a csv file The CSV Import feature allows you to bulk import users and to add or change information about users. See the sections below to learn how to import users with a CSV file. To import your users with a CSV file, download the CSV template navigating to Team > Employees > Import […]

Electronic Arts (EA) Data Breach: Why you shouldn’t play with Cybersecurity

In today’s business landscape, cybersecurity is non-negotiable. The threat of cybercrime is a clear and present danger, and it’s getting more sophisticated every day.  The Electronic Arts (EA) data breach serves as a sobering reminder of the devastating consequences of neglecting cybersecurity.  In June 2021, 780GB of valuable data, including the source codes for popular […]