5 emotions used in social engineering to steal your personal data

Emociones usadas en ingeniería social

Social engineering is a psychological manipulation technique used to deceive, persuade, or influence people in order to obtain confidential information, access systems, or perform unauthorized actions. In this article, we will look at the emotions that cybercriminals seek to arouse in their victims to make them fall into their trap.

The European Union is serious: “The EU and its countries are a target of cyber attacks”.

The European Union has taken a proactive stance on cybersecurity and cyber resilience, recognizing that 5G is not just a technological evolution, but a fundamental pillar for the socioeconomic development and security of its citizens. With the proliferation of connected devices and increasing reliance on high-speed connectivity, the need to safeguard digital infrastructure has become an inescapable priority.

Generative AI and cybersecurity policy: The new challenge for CISOs

Desafío del CISO

The role of the CISO today extends beyond simply protecting the technology infrastructure of a business. With the proliferation of generative AI in sectors such as art, music, and writing, the need to safeguard digital creativity has become urgent. Designing an effective cybersecurity policy in this context involves understanding the complexities of automated content generation and balancing them with security concerns. In this article, we will explore how a CISO can weave a creative digital shield that enables innovation while mitigating the associated risks.