5 emotions used in social engineering to steal your personal data

Emociones usadas en ingeniería social

Social engineering is a psychological manipulation technique used to deceive, persuade, or influence people in order to obtain confidential information, access systems, or perform unauthorized actions. In this article, we will look at the emotions that cybercriminals seek to arouse in their victims to make them fall into their trap.

Cyber awareness: People have become the first line of cyber defense


Cyber awareness emerges as the essential foundation to digital defense. In a world where cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, continuing education and understanding the risks are key to keeping your data and systems safe. Lack of cyber awareness leaves doors open to cyber attacks. To survive, businesses need to understand that online security involves not only technological tools, but also a conscious approach to digital decision making.

Beyond Technology: The Role of the Human Firewall

Firewall humano

The heart of the human firewall resides in empowering individuals to recognize and respond to deceptive tactics used by cybercriminals. This involves cultivating a security mindset in every step we take in the digital world.

What is egosurfing and how to practice it properly in our company?

We have all searched ourselves in the Google search engine to see what came up and think we are famous. However, when we grow up and are working in a company, and we look up the name of the company on the Internet, the threats regarding our privacy and authenticity of our company on the net increase dramatically.